Samsung Galaxy S3 (4G) screen replacement including Frame and installation

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Reasons to Use us: * Fastest Service - same day or overnight repair * Store conveniently located in the City Centre * Original Parts used where possible 6 months warranty * Repair Quality that you can see. * GST Registered Business * Dunedin's most experienced and knowledgeable repairer. * Please be aware of so called repairers and Youtube videos that claim you can fix a screen break on the S3 by only changing the Front Glass. I Would class this as a backyard repair as not only will the screen not sit nice and they are lucky enough to get it off without damaging the LCD below. It will never look the same and you will have dust trapped under the screen and no optical adhesive between digitizer and glass as nobody has an expensive clean room environment or $40k Vacuum Autoclaves like in the Factories.