Terms and Conditions on repairs

                                  TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON REPAIRS



The repair price quoted by us is an estimate only, based on the information you have provided to our system on the website or in person. It is possible that the price to repair the unit is higher than the estimated price (for example, if the information provided was inaccurate, or if your unit has other faults). On these occasions you will be contacted via email or phone to authorize a new repair quotation. If we proceed with a repair as per request with you (the customer), you will be responsible for paying for the service in full or the standard inspection charge before the Device is returned to you.



This Fee only applies if quote is not accepted or Device is not repairable to cover time spent, it is not added on to the final repair price. Sometimes we will accept surrender of the device for recycling if the value we put on it exceeds or equals the minimum service fee. If you can not be contacted after 30 days from service completion or assessment, iRessurect will reserve the right to recycle or discard your device unless by mutual prior arrangement .



 Liquid and Particle ingression damage repairs can be very temperamental and are carried out on a “best endeavors” basis. On occasions the original fault can reappear after the unit has been repaired and sometimes the faults can even get worse after a period of time. Only exception is if we specifically state device has had an "Advanced" repair and we are going to put 3 month warranty on it.



 Customer agrees that any faults, internal damage or any other issues which can be found during the assement of the device appeared prior to sending bringing your device to us. Customer also accepts the risk of power failure of the device ( which can make it unusable ) during the repair process as the result of violation of the usage conditions such as liquid damage, presence of corrosion, physical /impact damage misuse etc. Customer agrees that some cosmetic defects may appear on the housing of the device during its disassembly.

 Devices found to have sustained liquid ingress or impact damage, and devices deemed 'dead on arrival' (DOA) will not be covered by the three month Labour warranty on completion of repair / replacement.


We will do our utmost to retain any data on your unit, however we cannot be held responsible for any lost data, including but not limited to.

 Ringtones ,Contacts ,Saved game data (for Consoles) , Favorite locations (for Sat Navs)

 Photos videos Music (e.g. MP3) ,Emails ,Application Data

 It is recommended to make sure all your data is backed up before submitting your device to use for repair or assessment if at all possible.



Is solely the responsibility of the Customer. iRessurect Shall not be held liable for any item lost or damaged in transit. Any device sent to use shall be done so using a Tracked Courier service only. With tracking details recorded and supplied to us upon dispatch.



All Repair turn around times are an estimate only, even if a specific time frame is given. We will do our best to contact customer if issues arise. Most repairs can be carried out same day or overnight for common devices and we do our best to accomadate this, however if stock , personal health or workload issues arise then repair will be carried out pending stock arrival , workload easement or health recovery. iRessurect can not and will not be held liable for any kind of cost arising to customer because the device was not returned to customer or customers representitive in the originallly estimated time frame.



iRessurect is an out of manufacturers warranty repairer , approving the commencement of the repair/replacement of Device could void any factory/manufacturers warranty left on your device. If your device was under factory/manufacturers warranty, that warranty becomes void if the device has been damaged, and will still be void after we repair it. We take no responsibility for any factory / manufacturers warranty except for are own repair warranties.



All Repairs Performed by iRessurect. are entitled to a 3 months labour warranty plus a 6 month parts warranty on installed parts only unless stated by us otherwise in writing. Warranties only apply if the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions where it be by signature in person or for 'Mail in Repair' by automatically agreeing to commencement of repair by either checking it out in the online cart or sending the device to us for repair. These warranties only apply after a tested successful installation*. If for some reason the device lock passcode can not be supplied and device can not be tested before during and at the end of the repair where it be for privacy issues or unkown passcode or for whatever reason, no labour warranty applies. Even if the unsuccessful installation was caused by us. Therefore not supplying your passcode is at your own risk, because during the repair process the device needs to be checked before the final stages and sometimes reversing the final stages creates much more work. An example would be not being able to check button and wifi functionality on an iPad before the closing of the screen could create 1.5 hours of wasted labour time reversing final stage of repair.

 If your Devices Main board has had an advanced repair  by us the warranty on that repair is 3 Months only not the 6 Month that we normally give out on other repairs

 Please note. Manufacturers Warranty covers Manufacturing defects only IMPACT , Particle ingression , liquid damage or MISUSE is not covered. and further more , As glass does not break itself no iRessurect warranty ( Labour or Manufacturing ) is given to any repair done by us if the Screen of the Device comes back for warranty with any type of gouge crack chips or shatters including the plastic frame surrounding the screen and housing of Device as this would indicate impact damage or misuse. If within the labour warranty period the device has been opened by a third party and tamper stickers are removed or any other evidence all Warranties will be Void.

Should there be an unsuccessful installation or warranty claim on a repair or part , the only parties who can verify this is iRessurect LTD.

iRessurect reserve the right to refund any repair instead of carrying out the originally requested repairs for what ever reason we deem fit. 



Here at iRessurect we take your privacy very seriously and do not share any information with third parties.



Any warranty claim for any repair/replacement that iRessurect have undertaken within the warranty period can only be verified solely by iRessurect and no other parties and can only be claimed by the original customer not by third party unless permission given by iRessurect in writing

If by you the customer you claim warranty on a Device within either the Labour or Manufacturers warranty , that we have repaired and you notify us about the problem you have 7 week days ( within the actual warranty time frame) to get the device to us before the Claim is void. exceptions will only apply if customer can prove they where out of the country or immediate family death sickness or illness prevented the warranty on the Device from being assessed by iRessurect or by Prior arrangement in writing by iRessurect.

If a warranty is to be claimed on a repair for an installed part and the part has other physical damaged or functionality issues caused by the customer or third party that stop us from getting a manufacturers warranty from our suppliers then we are unable to pass that warranty on and iRessurects Manufacturers warranty will be VOID.



Device - Phone , Tablet, Laptop computer ,Mp3 Player

 Liquid damage - The ingress of water into your device due to contact with any type of liquid or gas.

Impact Damage - When Device has been dropped or come into contact with any stationary or moving object with force be it gravity or momentum. ie floor wall ground etc

Particle ingression - When the Device has been in contact with particles small enough to enter the internals of the device. ie sand dust etc

Tested Successful installation. - When the device has undergone repair or replacement it is the verification of full correct functionality of Device.

D.O.A ( Dead on arrival ) - Where the device can not be powered on used normally without first partially opening device commencing repair or attempted temporary repair to assess the problems the device     may or may not have. Including but not limited to Touch screen not working Device not powering on LCD picture unreadable.


In Writing - This includes Hand written document ,SMS TEXT message , Email Skype conversation or Facebook message.